Ugg! Why are these curtains so thin, these fucking sun rays are blinding me.

Its too early to wake up.

Fuck it, I want to sleep more.

Till now I was angry about the whole situation but as soon I leaned to other side of bed, I just escaped from gleamy window but I could smell a strange perfume. I dived deep in my subconscious mind to find out what it can be? I am still drowsy but this perfume is blocking my nasal.

As I opened my eyes, I see a giant man in black shirt tugged inside his blue shorts and holding a gun with suppressor pointing towards me.

I smiled and thought, what a fucked-up dress sense this guy have. Why my dreams are so fucked up?


“wakeup you piece of shit”

What! Who are you?

That was a genuine question in a bogus situation. I was terrified with his gigantic appearance and I don’t usually see a gun every day.

Pointing gun at me, he said, “where’s the boy?”

Am I still dreaming? I can’t even regain my composure.

“sir, what boy? I don’t have any clue, what are you saying?”

“you better answer my question straight else I have other ways to get it out”

Other ways? Like they say in the movies and I had a perfect hint about his next move.

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you everything but there is a problem.

“What problem you motherfucker”

“I swear, I don’t know about the boy”

I said that with lots of decency and thought he might understand and will help me out with the situation.

I woke up in an abandoned building tied to a chair. Such a typical movie scene.

A man came up to me and was definitely the boss. At least he has a better dress sense.

“where is the boy?” he said.

Again, the same question why can’t these idiots elaborate.

“sir please help me. I literally have no clue about the boy. Why would I lie sir.

I don’t even have an answer for who, how can I tell where is the boy. I don’t have any reason for risking my life for an unknown person.”

They looked at each other and this time I think I’ve convinced them that I am not lying, meanwhile I could feel sweat drop rolling down my forehead and making a curvy path all over the face and finally into my lips.

What! This isn’t sweat. Its blood. Ohh, so that’s how he bought me here this fat man hit me with something on my head and now its paining.

“look I’ll tell you a small story with state of affairs and after that I’ll ask you one more time about the boy and if you won’t answer, then I’ll put this sweet bullet inside your head, is that okay kid?” he said

Of Couse yes, that’s the only choice I have idiot. I don’t want to know the taste of your bullet.

“Okay sir” I said.

“My brother was a reputed business owner of this city and made all his wealth on his own and on other side I was rotting so I killed him. Hoping that it will get easier to acquire his property. I knew it will get transferred to his only son (Rohan) without any parent alive it will become easy to threaten him and get hold of his wealth but that fucker is missing since yesterday. We got to know that he was in a local bar yesterday and after checking cctv footages we saw him sitting next to you and after that you both went out of the door together. So, where is the boy?” he said.

What the hell! My doctor told me not have alcohol while on this medication and see how I fucked up.

“sir, I was there yesterday, sitting peacefully sipping my drink but then this guy came around we had talk like the strangers. We were talking about the beauty of this city but it was so random, we dint even share our name and after that we both went out together, he sat in his car and went while I was waiting to get a cab. It’s a mistake sir. There is some misunderstanding sir and I am not at all involved in any of this. Do you think I am capable of kidnapping any one? Please sir trust me.


Oh shit! Am I dead?

I don’t see any blood fountain on my body...

Does it take time to die from a single bullet? Oh! this asshole fired a shot on wall behind me.

They untied me and said to leave.

Should I ask them to drive me back? No, not a good idea, I think.

I booked a cab and, on my way, I kept on thinking that even my scariest dreams are less scary that my reality. What a day, I almost had a bullet today. But I still don’t remember much about yesterday.

I reached my place and no matter how bad this day was I am still drowsy. I took my happy pills and went back to sleep. I woke up early, I still have dizziness but I am hungry. I opened my fridge.

What the hell!

Who’s sleeping inside my fridge?

And the guy from the bar is in my fridge now.

Fuck! What happed that night?

I checked his pulsed, he is dead but why am I still not panicking about the situation, these pills were supposed to lower down my anxiety not to make my feelings numb.

Later that night I took that body to cemetery and buried it inside the grave of Mr. Daniel frank.

I had lots of choice but I choose Daniel frank, fancy name might suit pitiful Rohan.

At least now he had a company to rest in peace.

Before burying him, everything came back in flash.

I remember my mother once told me that my father left her for someone else. Although he made us financially equipped to live a decent life but I guess my mother needed him more than money and eventually she died.

Actually, I killed my brother today. Like its said, “the brother from another mother” but same father though.

Let me tell you it wasn’t an accident but a well-planned murder. It will take its whole eternity for that poor gangster to find Rohan and meanwhile I’ll acquire his whole wealth as I am the legal owner as per the law of succession.

Till the time that idiot will know about it, I’ll be long gone with all the fortune...

I’ve been laughing for an hour now.

But wait...

What am I talking about?

What fortune?


Why do I forget things so fast?

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