Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Being around the mountains always glitter your eyes with green fragrance . Doon valley is surrounded by mountains on one side and forest on the other injects the feeling of the upgraded countryside where one can feel the hasty weather conditions with no potential loopholes of side seeing.

As time heals your wounds unlikely the valley got infected with migrants and pollution hiked. Roads full of monkeys has become water stream of luxury and polluted movable structures. That peace and harmony have fainted, everyone is engaged in this age of distraction and marking scar on their city map.

These naked mountains once used to wear white blanket has become the culprit of this age of distraction. Our veteran mountains are losing the battle of survival and the poison littered by us is suffocating them .We might say, “we do not do it intentionally” but we also do not care because caring excludes the intent of the intentions.

It’s time to lift our Aim. Time to consider our city’s claim. Let’s quit this philistine behaviour and move away from penchant of luxury to preserve our symbols of sanity.

Valley with greenery is now in scenery

Those cold breezes are not breaking its creases

Those snowy winters now can’t be reentered

Take a pledge to renovate the edge, blow in that hole

to strengthen your soul.

Narration may be easy but for action everyone is busy

Yes this city is our let's reduce smoke of this fireball

Please do your part to make this little ART a DISTINCT WORLD’S PART. “

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